Kristen Welch Sins packs a mighty punch for a petite northern California girl.  She hails from the small mountain town of Sonora, nestled near the bottom of beautiful Yosemite National Park . The moment her soulful and potent vocals first hit you you'll wonder why you haven't heard her before now.  They will leave you smiling, crying, living and dying, as you get lost in the way she playfully bends her notes and dramatically twists her phrases to suit the whims of the song.  Her soft and sensitive approach to lyric writing are really showcased in the song "She Gave it All Up", which is a touching anthem about adoption and the emotional affects it has on women.  There is not a woman coming out of Nashville these days with quite the unique and dynamic talents she shows.

Joe Sins is the other half of the explosive duo and is from a small town in southern California  

called Twenty-Nine Palms, which is better known for Joshua trees and boulders, then country singers. Take one glance at him and you will see immediately that he looks like someone you would find on an album cover. He’s got the hat, The guitar, and the quessessential  look. But dig a little deeper and you will find so much more. Once you hear his fresh and dynamic vocal approach on self penned songs such as “Romeo and Juliet Sparks” and “Muscadine”, or delve into the vivid lyrics he paints on the canvas of everyday life, you’ll forget any preconceived stereotypes you may have about hats, cowboys, and country singers.

The Sins Country When you put these two together you get something that rarely happens in this modern day world.

Magic.  A Rare Transit of Venus.  Two voices that are transcendent. 

The way this husband and wife team intertwine melody and harmony in their songs makes it hard to even tell where one ends and the other begins. They’re like a beautiful dance underneath the moonlight next to a peaceful rolling stream. Like a night with that special someone you don’t ever want to end. They’re like a trip around a Nascar track at 203 Mph. They’re like that book you just can’t put down.

The Sins Country can just as easily belt out rockers, full of angst and energy as  sweet and tearful ballads. Their songs will leave you humming them long after the strains of music have kissed your ears and left you blissfully behind and before you know it, you will find yourself hitting the play button again to hear them once more or calling the radio stations and tying up their lines.

That’s what The Sins Country does.


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